Getting Started Bundle

Getting Started Bundle

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This is the best place to start GOGI programs: HOW TO GOGI and HOW TO GOGI BOOK STUDY Certificate Course


This is the best place to start GOGI programs: HOW TO GOGI and HOW TO GOGI BOOK STUDY Course

HOW TO GOGI is a simple self-help instruction book for anyone wanting change and all those individuals who help them.
Students are encouraged to start their GOGI study with this book. How To GOGI is the main manual for GOGI study and it is the foundation on which all GOGI courses are based and all GOGI groups are focused. How to GOGI offers simple instruction, much like a self-help book, but includes the suggestions and input of more than 300 prisoners as they, too, engaged in the GOGI journey. This book is ideal for anyone who wants to make more positive choices.

The How To GOGI Book Study Course is a Companion Course to the How To GOGI book for in-cell and GOGI Group study. During this course you will be reading from How To GOGI and writing in this
workbook. While doing this course, you will have the opportunity to learn many things.

• You will learn about Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) and how prisoners created GOGI for people in your situation.

• You will learn about the GOGI Tools For Positive Decision-Making and how to apply them to your everyday life.

• You will learn and be able to practice ways to apply these Tools to improve your future and your today.

• You will get to share your thoughts and ideas on paper, and read the thoughts and ideas of people in prisons and jails as they studied GOGI.

• You will come to understand that GOGI is not a “program” but, rather, that GOGI is a WAY of living, a way of making positive decisions no matter where you wake up each morning.

• You will have the opportunity to understand how you can use your GOGI Tools to make your life more positive and peaceful.