Happy Hump Day my GOGI Peeps! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to share about my ongoing GOGI journey. 

Our thoughts and emotions are outwardly expressed through our words and deeds. Therefore, when we are happy and our thoughts are positive, our words and actions will display this happiness and positivity. The same would be true of the other emotions we feel. If we are sad, angry, bitter or negative our words and actions follow suit.

I am naturally a very upbeat, positive person. In my world the glass is always half full, there is a solution to all problems, things will always get better, and the sun will always rise tomorrow. ‘Suck it up’, ‘rub dirt on it’ and move forward. That is how I was raised and has always been my outlook on life. I lived POSITIVE TWA (THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS) before I even knew about GOGI, which is why I was drawn to them so quickly.

I am also a very open and strong-willed person, who isn’t afraid to express my thoughts and feelings, especially in defense of those who are bullied, taken advantage of or downtrodden. I tend to act quickly and think later …… much to my detriment at times. This tends to put me in emotionally draining situations which is not healthy for me because I am someone who is affected greatly by the emotions of others. I feel a deep empathy for people, to the point of taking on their emotions. This is why it is imperative that I don’t stay too long in situations where negativity, anger, sadness, chaos etc. are a constant. I have to learn to balance wanting to assist people with making sure I keep my positivity up and take care of myself. This means removing the chronically negative from my day to day life, keeping only those who are positive and happy. This can be very difficult at times and the guilt can become overwhelming when I have to remove someone from my life.

However, I constantly remind myself that I cannot fix what’s going on around me until I fix what’s going on inside of me. I am no good to anyone if I am unbalanced and no good to myself. This is where GOGI has really helped me. Tools like FOR-GIVE have really made me see that taking care of myself emotionally and mentally must always come first. While there are times I am very social, there are many more times when I find comfort and solace in the silence and seclusion of being alone. GOGI has helped me learn that this is okay. There is nothing wrong with withdrawing and getting a much-needed PowerUp of meditation, positive affirmation and personal study. And there is nothing wrong with expecting family and friends to understand and respect my decision to do so.

As we learn the GOGI Way of Life and apply the 12 Tools for Positive Decision-Making in our lives, we will certainly find ourselves performing both an internal and external inventory to see what needs to be expunged from our minds, hearts and lives, in order to make room for more positive options. This can be uncomfortable at times but it’s only when we push ourselves that we truly know strong we are. It’s only when we take a deep look internally that our external viewpoint truly comes into focus.



Tamara ‘Streetwise GOGI’ De La Cruz