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“My Five” – What are your five? – GOGI Tool: FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH

Hello GOGIs!!
Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to ask you the question What Are Your Five??

Try this activity for GOGI tool FIVE SECOND LIGHTSWITCH:

1. Trouble in my Hand – Please hold out your hand. Imagine a poor choice sitting in your hand, a poor choice that came from an OLD THOUGHT.

2. My Five – Now think of five reasons why you are choosing a new POSITIVE ACTION. Name each reason out loud or to yourself, so that you can hear the five reasons why you want to make a more positive choice. You can count them on your fingers.

3. Squash the Trouble – Now make a fist and imagine squashing that OLD THOUGHT and poor choice with your five reasons to make a more positive choice.

4. My Positive – What POSITIVE ACTION can you do right now instead?

5. My New Action – Do, or think about your POSITIVE ACTION.

What are your five reasons for choosing a new Positive Action?

Below are a few ‘My Five’s from the members of Team GOGI 4 Life!