I recently had someone say that to me, “It’s easier said than done”, when I posted about the GOGI tool LET GO on my Facebook page.

The GOGI Tool LET GO may prove to be difficult for some when it comes to big things from our past or even our present. Trauma, abuse, guilt, regret, etc. We might think some things are beyond ‘Hand/Squash/Toss’.

Let’s look at it a different way. Let’s look at LET GO in two stages. We discussed in our PowerUp! group conference call on Monday (watch it on Y0uTube below) that if we are able to work on letting go of the emotions tied to something, we may find it’s then easier to LET GO of the event itself.

When we can acknowledge the emotions we feel about something in our past or present, visualize (or write down on a piece of paper) putting those emotions in our Hand, then Squashing them and Tossing them away, that physical act of tossing away the emotions might give us some immediate relief and feeling of control over the situation. We might have to do that over and over again until ALL of the emotions are squashed and tossed away, but if we can remove the emotion, we can then see clearly how to remove the remainder of the obstacle.

Just remember, that which is ingrained takes longer to remove. So be patient. Don’t give up!! You got this! You are BOSS OF YOUR BRAIN and you can LET GO. We are all here for each other!!!