GOGI Global Expansion Advisory Board

Tara Smith, a longtime supporter of Getting Out by Going In, has been welcomed to the GOGI Team in the capacity of GOGI Global Advisor. In this capacity, Tara is able to assist GOGI in their mission and vision of sharing the GOGI Life Tools with all humans. As GOGI continues to expand its community leadership trainings, it will be Tara Smith who leads the expansion from the US into Africa and Europe. Tara can be reached at Email.

Avanika has played an integral role in aiding the expansion of GOGI programming throughout the United States and most recently assisted with the strategic planning and program implementation of GOGI’s leadership training in Ghana, Africa. She will now utilize her knowledge of the GOGI Life Tools and extensive experience in legal and social advocacy to continue to serve GOGI’s mission and share the GOGI Life Tools with the world. Avanika can be reached at ofc2@gettingoutbygoingin.org

Lisa I’Anson joined GOGI’s Global efforts as an advisor to GOGI Africa initiatives. Raised by her West African mother who taught her to speak fluent Ashanti (Twi), Lisa is a proud Ghanaian, involved in charity initiatives benefiting the people of Ghana. I’Anson started her professional media career in journalism before becoming a radio and television presenter. She worked for London’s KISS FM pirate radio station, as well as for numerous networks including the BBC, where she became the first Black woman on daytime radio with her daily show on Radio 1. She became a VJ at MTV Europe on shows such as MTV News and The Soul of MTV. In 2008, she moved to Los Angeles, California, where she currently resides. Her focus as an advisor is to clear the path for the GOGI Life Tools to be shared with the people of her homeland in Ghana.


GOGI Ghana to partner Ayawaso North Private Schools Association


An NGO known as Getting Out by Going In, GOGI, has over the week met the Ayawaso North Private Schools Association, ANPSA, to discuss a possible partnership thereby setting up GOGI kids club in the schools. A delegation from GOGI Ghana led by the project director, Yabaaba Mohammed Dawoud met with Mohammed Hadi Abdallah Badayele,  chairman of ANPSA and headmaster of Al-Banat prep/jhs and handed him a GOGI manual and a book authored by the founder of GOGI Global, Coach Taylor.  The aim of the organization is to empower both teachers and students on GOGI idea and also set up GOGI kids Club in the schools.

Full statement:
Over the week, a delegation from GOGI GHANA led by the project director, Yabaaba Mohammed Dawoud paid a visit to my office to discuss a possible pathernership between GOGI GHANA and Ayawaso North Private Schools Association (ANPSA).
GOGI GHANA is here to empower both teachers and students on GOGI idea and also set up GOGI kids Club in the schools.
The project director presented GOGI manual and a book authored by the founder of GOGI Global, Coach Taylor.

NB: Getting Out by Going In (GOGI), is a non- profit organization that empower communities with tools needed to build an extraordinary life.

GOGI Ghana and The GOGI Life Tools

The GOGI G-Rep Certification Training has 4 sessions. These sessions will help you understand your GOGI Life Tools. As a G-Rep, you can share your GOGI Life Tools with others. Sharing your GOGI Life Tools is a simple way to help the world find peace and harmony.

The GOGI Life Tools are simple ways to make the world a better place by helping all mankind become more peaceful, more kind, and more positive. The GOGI Life Tools are positive ways to think, speak, and act. When you use your GOGI Life Tools you will find that your life, and the lives of others around you, becomes more powerful, more productive, and more positive.

There are 4 sets of Tools that are included in the 12 GOGI Life Tools:

Session 1 we will learn: Tools of the Body

Session 2 we will learn: Tools of Choice

Session 3 we will learn: Tools of Moving Forward

Session 4 we will learn: Tools of Creation

• The GOGI G-Rep is someone who believes that all people of the world can find peace and harmony.

• The GOGI G-Rep believes peace and harmony can be created when each individual finds peace an harmony within themselves, and they  begin to share that peace and harmony with others.

• The GOGI G-Rep understands that being of service to others is a way to experience a feeling of peace and harmony in their heart and soul.

• The GOGI G-Rep uses their GOGI Life Tools to set an example of peace and harmony for others.

Download GOGI Ghana and The GOGI Life Tools .pdf

GOGI Ghana Chapter Launch October, 2021

The Association of Youth and Young Adults Development (AYYAD), a charitable organization based in Accra, Ghana, Africa, empowers Ghanaian youth to resolve community challenges standing in the way of unity throughout Ghana. Through educational sponsorship, youth mentorship, and community volunteerism, AYAAD promotes peace, courage, and unity throughout Ghana.

AYAAD has extended an invitation to Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) a USA, California-based, non-profit, to facilitate leadership training to AYAAD participants and stakeholders in the community. AYYAD members certified in the use of the GOGI Life Tools, a set of practical life tools proven to inspire and unite communities.

As a chaplain in the U.S., Imam Ayub Haroun witnessed firsthand the impact GOGI made in his community and was motivated to bring these universal tools to his home country of Ghana. As co-founder of AYYAD, he commissioned the GOGI team to certify 300 AYYAD team and community members as Ambassadors of the GOGI Life Tools. “I’ve witnessed first-hand the impact that GOGI can have on an entire community,” says Haroun, “and can see how they can be used to help promote peace throughout Ghana through community building volunteerism.” The GOGI Team of Trainers will be in Ghana for the certification training slated for October, 2021.

For more than 20 years, Getting Out by Going In (GOGI) has brought GOGI Life Tools to individuals across a diverse set of communities, empowering them to create their most optimal life and align on positive community goals. GOGI Life Tools are time-tested decision-making strategies that help individuals make sustained positive cognitive and behavioral changes.

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GOGI Africa focuses on the unique needs of the continent of Africa with a focus on the emerging importance that each individual be given the tools they need to create an optimal life.

GOGI Africa is an initiative of Getting Out by Going In (GOGI),
a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing the GOGI Life Tools.