Greetings my GOGI Peeps! Streetwise GOGI Tamara here to run my jibs.

The human spirit was not created to be enslaved or imprisoned. The human spirit was created to fight and survive; to rise above when pressed from all sides. The human spirit was created to fly free. The state may be able to imprison someone physically. But it cannot imprison the human spirit. It cannot imprison someone mentally. Only WE can imprison ourselves mentally.

Many people aren’t aware of this. Many people assume the one who imprisons someone physically, also imprisons them mentally. They don’t realize that their thoughts and feelings, actions and reactions are their own to control. THEY are in control, not the CDCR, not the state of California, not anyone, other than themselves. They are BOSS OF THEIR BRAIN. And once they realize this, they gain a little bit of control. They are a little less of the victim they believed themselves to be. Do you have any idea how that must feel to someone who has been locked up for 10, 15 or 20+ years??

So, now, the question becomes, if they have the ability to control how they think, feel, act and react, how do they accomplish this?

Enter GOGI ……. Enter internal freedom.

Please join me in welcoming home a free spirit, GOGI Peer Coach Stephen Schrader! Check out his happy GOGI face in this month’s issue of

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