As a GOGI Life Tool, CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY lets you focus on your decisions today, unhampered by the decisions of yesterday. This ability to make decisions today, on today’s terms, often empowers you beyond perceived limitations. “Am I proud of this choice?” is the question you ask when using CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY. Each and every day you can redefine yourself utilizing CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY.

— Excerpt from The GOGI Way To PowerUp!

CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY is part of the set of Tools called TOOLS OF MOVING FORWARD. This Tool is not
about claiming responsibility for the past. Instead, the Tool CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY is about today and tomorrow. When you use this Tool, you realize that how you respond and react to anything is under your direct command. No one can make you angry. It is you who may choose to let others anger you. No one can make you violent. It is you who may choose if you will let others bring out violence in your behavior. No one can make you drink or use drugs. It is you who gets to choose if you put yourself in a position where saying no is a challenge. When you use CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY, you move forward toward a life you may have never thought possible.

There are many ways to interpret the words “claim” and “responsibility”. Together, the way GOGI uses these words as a Tool, they provide a powerful way to gain perspective with which you can move forward in your life. There were many things that happened to and around you in the past, many of them were your responsibility and many things were not your responsibility, or you had no knowledge or choice in the matter. Using CLAIM RESPONSIBILITY as a GOGI Tool is not about the past at all.